The Intellectual Disability Accommodation Association Inc. (IDAA) is a community housing organisation with the core aim of providing quality housing for people with intellectual and related disability.

About Us

The Intellectual Disability Accommodation Association is a Community Housing Organisation operating within metropolitan Adelaide.

IDAA provides tenancy and property management services to people with intellectual and related disabilities.

People currently residing in IDAA properties are:

  • Adults with intellectual disability, this includes those with borderline intellectual disability
  • Families where a member of the household has an intellectual disability, cognitive impairment or developmental disability
  • Adults with intellectual disability who may have other disabilities – mental health, physical disability
  • Adults with Asperger Syndrome

A number of tenants receive support from Disability Support Providers and therefore IDAA works closely with these organisations to ensure that the person or family is provided with coordinated tenancy/property management services and disability support services, to ensure that the person or family is provided with the support they require to live in the community.

IDAA prides itself on having staff members who have a genuine passion and commitment to working with people who have disabilities and strives to ensure that all staff have the skills and knowledge to work effectively with tenants, families and a range of stakeholders to maximise the likelihood of a successful tenancy.

Core Values

In order to achieve the above IDAA has adopted the following core values:

  • Respect: every person deserves to be treated with respect
  • Equality: every person will be treated fairly and with dignity
  • Inclusion: inclusive communities that value and embrace disability and diversity
  • Integrity: acting in a way that is honest, just and accountable

Our Properties

IDAA has a portfolio of just over 100 properties

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